Wonder How Logical Something Like This Is?

I got to thinking about whether or not this sort of thing would work because I know that there are lawsuits about side effects from drugs causing large breasts in young men and boys. Of course the drug is designed to prevent psychotic episodes and schizophrenia, or I guess the proper term is that you use it to treat those sorts of psychological disorders. At any rate it got me to thinking about how something like http://www.breastenlargementresource.com/naturaful/ might possibly work. It is not something which seems all that likely, but if you can give a guy a drug which causes him to inadvertently developed large breasts, then it seems like you could probably figure out how to do to a woman on purpose. It does seem like you could probably have a great deal of profit if you actually found something that worked. In fact you would probably have women with big breasts every place you turned if there was something which really worked.

It is obvious that any drug which has this sort of effect is going to be famous in no time. It is not like Viagra was a secret. They invented that stuff and people started to talk about it in ten seconds flat. In fact the test subjects were the ones who discovered it’s highly profitable effect. It was supposed to be used for treating something else. I forgot what they wanted to solve when they were testing it, but they solved a different problem and they made a couple of tanker ships loads of money off of the stuff. If you had a drug that really made breasts big it would have a very similar effect and in fact you would probably end up having to figure out an antidote for the women who did too much.

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