What is Something Good for Dry Skin?

I am thinking about what I need to do for dry skin. In fact I have the same problem with my scalp, I get flakes on my head and for that I use Head and Shoulders Dry scalp formula shampoo. I was wondering what I should do about the flaking that I have been getting on my forehead and on the brows. I think that rosehip oil might be a good solution, but it seems to be difficult to know this without trying and I am going to see if I can get a small sample of it and run a little test. Obviously it is going to take a week or so to figure out if it really does a lot of good or not, but that is okay with me actually. I am not going to be able to find it out just by dabbing it on once and then trying to make a snap judgment.

You will have to try to use it over and extended period and see if you can tell whether or not the conditions are the same or not too. For instance there are a lot of external factors which determine whether or not your skin is going to be dry or not. The big thing is going to be the weather and whether or not you are out in it. For example if you go out in the sand for a day in the beach. Then you have a lot of wind and a lot of sun. I do not know if the salt water is good or bad for your skin, but it probably has some effect. That is going to make the test a lot different than if you were sitting inside all of the time doing nothing in perfect conditions.

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