We Are No Longer Couch Potatoes

I have not made the best choices in life, but I finally reached a point not that long ago where I knew I had to make a change. When my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, it really changed how I look at so much in this world, including my own choices. I always took the easy way out, including with my health, but I was about to change that. The first thing I did was some research on a chiropractor in Petaluma. One of the reasons I had gotten so lax with my own health is because of the pain in my back.

It would actually stop me from doing a lot because pain can be a hard thing to overcome. Rather than deal with the pain another day, I wanted to find out why my back was hurting so much. I figured if I could start moving around a lot more, then maybe I would be able to lose some of the extra weight I had been carrying around for years. I also knew that if I moved a lot more, I would probably not eat as much junk food as I was eating at that time, which would also help me out a lot.

The chiropractor that I visited was able to help me more than I thought possible. He did help me with my back pain, but he also had a lot of great advice on healthy lifestyle changes too. I had explained to him about my friend’s diagnoses, and how that made me want to change, and he told me that he has helped a lot of patients lose weight. I saw him regularly for several months, and the weight did come off. The best part is that now that my best friend is in remission, we are able to enjoy life a lot more together now that we are no longer couch potatoes.

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