Tips from a Friend Who Looks Way Younger Than She is About Skin Care

My friend has such beautiful skin. She looks super healthy because of it too. She is married and has three children. Two of them are in college. You think she would be starting to show some wear and tear by now. I thought it might be genetics, but I know her mom and dad too. They both look their age. Maybe even a few years older than their age. Their daughter doesn’t. She told me she uses an anti wrinkle serum by Natureglo as well as some of their other products. Plus, she takes other steps to care for her skin.

She does not visit the tanning beds. She drinks plenty of filtered water. She eats organic food when she can, and she does not eat meat. She has never smoked, and she makes it a point to stay away from second hand smoke. Her healthy skin is just part of her overall healthy radiance. She has a lot of energy, and she does not have those aches and pains common to women our age. I also noticed that when she is out in the sun she covers up with sunscreen or fabrics. She controls how much exposure her skin gets to the sun. She said is works wonders in avoiding that worn out cowboy kind of look no woman should have to endure.

I started following some of her tips and have gotten noticeable improvements. Even my husband is commenting on how good my skin looks and he rarely indicates he notices anything. I have been eating better, drinking more plain water and staying out of the sun unless I am wearing a hat or have sunscreen on. I have also been using the anti wrinkle serum by Natureglo. I was really worried about the appearance of some very fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I think I will keep up this routine because I am getting real results.

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