The Many Tools of a Chiropractor

When I visited my doctor in regards to the horrible back pain I had been experiencing, the last thing that I expected her to recommend me was a visit to a local West Phoenix Chiropractor! I’ve grown accustomed to most doctors being pill happy and writing prescriptions for pain killers. I usually turn down antibiotics or pain killers unless I absolutely need them. I’ve got to be pretty sick to succumb to those things. Pain killers don’t do much for the kind of pain that I’ve been experiencing – they’re not a cure and they’re certainly not going ot be able to make the pain disappear forever. It only masks the pain until I reach a tolerance point with the pain killers which leaves me with nothing but the pain. It’s really no wonder that she was willing to suggest a chiropractor for me; there was nothing that she could do beyond offering therapy which is exactly the sort of thing that chiropractors help with.

I’ve always known that chiropractors focused on these sort of issues but I didn’t expect them to also provide therapy. The very first meeting was a sit down to discuss the various options that I had before me. Each therapy method was quite involved while being flexible enough to take into consideration whether I would respond to a specific method or not. To be honest, I was intimidated. The sort of tools at his disposal was like witnessing some mad scientist’s torture lab where he might pry out the secrets from the bones of his patients; basically what he does, without all the torture. The electro-stimulation therapy had to be my favorite part of it. I wasn’t prepared for that to feel so amazing but the pulses reached deep into muscles that I didn’t even know I had!

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