Suppressing Genital Herpes Outbreaks Without Prescription Medications

I know that there is a huge amount you can do through nutrition and exercise to live a much healthier life. There is that doctor who has a program to actually reverse heart disease in patients through exercise and nutritional protocols. Knowing that, I went to when I was diagnosed with genital herpes. I knew that my immune system would play a big role in my ability to suppress the outbreaks of sores that are the biggest issue of having the disease.

Instead of having to take prescription medications to keep the outbreaks suppressed, I wanted to do something that would help my own body keep the disease dormant. I learned that other illnesses, extreme stress and poor nutrition can lead to an immune system that cannot keep up with all of its duties. Then viruses and other infections like herpes take the opportunity to manifest with some sort of symptoms. In the case of genital herpes, it is those awful sores. They hurt so bad and can last for days or even weeks. Some poor folks almost perpetually have them.

I know that modern medicine has a lot of answers, but they certainly do not have all of the answers. I know that there are ways of manipulating our body’s own defenses to help us even with chronic infections that have no present cure. That is why I was looking for a genital herpes treatment protocol that did not require me to take prescription medications every day. I wanted something that would help me get my own body’s immune system to suppress the genital herpes outbreaks that were plaguing me. The sores are extremely painful even if you only have a small outbreak. I cannot do anything but stay at home when it happens. I needed a way to keep them suppressed.

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