Started Working on the Web Page

I was okay with helping Mary with her salon. It was a rather easy thing. We cleaned out the garage and we fixed it up really nice. There are three other booths which she rents out to other hair stylists. It has worked pretty well and aside from the usual stuff, Mary has been doing retail as well. Of course it is not much trouble to put a few products beside the counter. They have a lot of hair care products, like shampoo and conditioner obviously, but also stuff like moroccan argan oil for hair. We have been selling a lot of that and making a good profit on it, in fact we have decided to go into the same business as the people in the link. We figure that we can get Amazon to sell the stuff for us on the web, although we would need to figure out how to promote it.

This is pretty perfect in theory, because we would not have to do a lot of work once it was all set up the way that it is supposed to be. Once the web page is running, then the stuff is not going to be handled by us. No way we would do any of the credit card stuff obviously. That is just begging for a big headache. You hire some company that knows how to do that stuff and you let them assume the risks. I definitely do not want to be responsible for keeping a bunch of credit card numbers safe from some Russian criminals with nothing to do except sit in front of computers and look for weaknesses in the way people take care of information. Of course Amazon or some other company would be keeping the stuff in the warehouse some place and shipping it.

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