Skin Bumps and Stuff Got Me Worried Enough to Go to a Dermatologist in Manchester

I like sunshiny days even though they may be at a premium in some parts of the region around here. It may not be the best thing for a man my age to be doing, but I mow the lawn with my shirt off. Hey, I used to be fit. That should at least count for something. I like the feel of the sun on my skin. I like that warmth that permeates right on down to my bones. The problem is the sun damage. I got a little concerned over some skin marks and telephoned a dermatologist in Manchester to have a doc have a look at them.

My wife noticed one on my back. I had her take a picture with my mobile phone so I could zoom in on it. It was a little bit of a ragged red bump like the one on my stomach area. Plus, I had a piece of skin growing outward. People call them skin tags, but I had never had anything like this when I was younger. I actually was quite a bit anxious about my doctor visit.

The day I went to see him the doctor looked over every area on my back, front and sides as well as all up and down my arms. He looked even examining underneath my arm pits. He told me right away that the mark on my back and front was what is called a hemangioma and to not worry about it. He said he could take them off right in the office along with the skin tag. They were all gone in less than five minutes with no pain.

He told me that there are some signs of skin changes due to years of sun exposure. He said to do my best not to add to it. He recommended mowing with my shirt on and still using sunscreen. We talked about longevity, and I told him my wife and I want to live as long as we can and as healthy as we can. We cut out bad foods years ago and exercise every day. I have not smoked in 30 years. All of that was great, but my daily sun dosing was not. However, I adapted. We enjoy loving each other and helping others and want to do that as long as we can. A little more adapting to help stay healthy was not hard for me to do. I still get some sun, jut not as much as I used to.

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