Poor Posture Can Cause a Lot of Problems

I am getting older, so I just accepted the aches and pains that I was feeling a lot more often as part of the aging process. My wife really did not comment too much about them because she was experiencing them a lot more herself. What she did tell me though was that I should see a chiropractor in Fort Myers FL because of my posture. She was worried that I was constantly hunched over, and she was concerned that about my posture not only then but for the future as well.

It is no wonder that I am always hunched over because I am always on my computer. There are days where the only time I move is just from my chair to the bathroom or kitchen for hours upon a time. I am always leaning over, and I knew she had a right to be concerned about my posture. I did not know what I could do other than try to sit better and move more, but even with those changes, it still hurt to do them properly. I figured that going to a chiropractor might actually be very beneficial to me as far as my current posture was concerned as well as taking care of potential aches and pains because of it.

My wife made the appointment for me, and it was an extremely educational venture for me. I learned that a spinal misalignment is usually the cause of poor posture for someone like me. My head is a lot closer to my screen than the rest of my body because I push it forward for hours at a time. It is a good thing that I went in when I did, because I was developing some bad habits that would have been extremely painful in the future if I would not have had the chiropractic care and tips that I received then. My wife now tells me that my posture is great, and I am feeling a lot better too!

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