Horseback Ride Sends Me to My Chiropractor in Oceanside

I would go up the stairs and make noise. I would make noise lifting something, and even when I got up off the couch or out of a chair. My wife said my vocabulary consisted of, “Oww,” “Ouch,” “Oh,” and a word she said she could not decipher. It was sort of a Charlie Brown, “Aaauuugh!” Those were my backache noises that were getting a lot more use since we went horseback riding a few days ago. I must have done something to my back, because it was not getting better. So, I went to see a chiropractor in Oceanside.

After an exam that did not reveal any injuries, it was determined that I probably strained some muscles and knocked my spine out of alignment enough to aggravate some nerves. I had some sciatic pain shooting down my leg along with a lower backache. I got some heat therapy that felt really good. Then they hooked those electrodes to my back to give me the muscle stimulation therapy. It feels like a buzzing in the muscles where they stick the electrodes on. Continue reading

Frozen Shoulder Needed Therapy Including Chiropractic to Fix the Additional Damage to My Spine

My shoulder started aching a few years ago. It went along for a long time with a pain that would not completely go away. I did not have insurance to get it checked out. When I got insurance, no one could figure out what the problem was. It finally reached a point that I could barely move my arm. One medical professional suggested it was diabetic frozen shoulder. I lost my job and did my own therapy at home as I was uninsured again. It resolved after two years, but I went to a chiropractor in Pleasanton to help me with the residual problems I was having with my neck and back after favoring that arm for so long.

The pain I had when it was at its peak is indescribable. If I had a reflex reaction to grab something or pull my arm away quickly, I would double over in pain. You might have heard of the condition as adhesive capsulitis. It is awfully painful. In fact, it is excruciating. I could not lay on my right side for about a year. Continue reading

Vegetarian Options That Taste Delicious

My husband and I used to have an arrangement about our dinners. We both have daylight jobs, so we were happy that we could eat a meal together most nights of the week. The only problem is we were so tired that neither of us wanted to spend an hour in the kitchen making something good. A friend of mine had been using a delivery service called Hello Fresh, and she could not say enough good things about it. I decided to go online and get some more information and look at a Hello Fresh meal delivery review to see what others were saying about this service. Continue reading

The Many Tools of a Chiropractor

When I visited my doctor in regards to the horrible back pain I had been experiencing, the last thing that I expected her to recommend me was a visit to a local West Phoenix Chiropractor! I’ve grown accustomed to most doctors being pill happy and writing prescriptions for pain killers. I usually turn down antibiotics or pain killers unless I absolutely need them. I’ve got to be pretty sick to succumb to those things. Pain killers don’t do much for the kind of pain that I’ve been experiencing – they’re not a cure and they’re certainly not going ot be able to make the pain disappear forever. Continue reading

Living Free Without Back Pain

With the kind of work that many Americans are employed to do, it’s not surprising that the number of San Jose Chiropractor s have increased rapidly recently. This is in part thanks to their continued improving reputation which suffered in the ’90’s in part due to numerous misconceptions regarding their profession. Some dangers are inherent within some of the treatments they perform but with more strict guidelines required to follow and less lenient licensing standards, the profession has come quite a long way. I admit to having concerns when I first stepped through the doors of my chiropractor’s practice but having my doctor suggest the visit, I felt that a certain amount of trust was required. Continue reading

Tips from a Friend Who Looks Way Younger Than She is About Skin Care

My friend has such beautiful skin. She looks super healthy because of it too. She is married and has three children. Two of them are in college. You think she would be starting to show some wear and tear by now. I thought it might be genetics, but I know her mom and dad too. They both look their age. Maybe even a few years older than their age. Their daughter doesn’t. She told me she uses an anti wrinkle serum by Natureglo as well as some of their other products. Plus, she takes other steps to care for her skin.

She does not visit the tanning beds. She drinks plenty of filtered water. She eats organic food when she can, and she does not eat meat. She has never smoked, and she makes it a point to stay away from second hand smoke. Continue reading

Losing Weight is Actually Pretty Easy

I always thought that losing weight was going to a hard thing to figure out. When my doctor told me that if I did not lose some weight I was going to find myself taking medication, I decided it was high time that I found a way to make it not so hard. I didn’t even know about the calories needed to lose weight. I knew that I was taking too many in every day, but I still did not know what the right number was. My doctor gave me a ballpoint figure, and I decided to take that and find out how to make it a reality.

I went online looking for some help, and I found it in spades. Continue reading

Skin Bumps and Stuff Got Me Worried Enough to Go to a Dermatologist in Manchester

I like sunshiny days even though they may be at a premium in some parts of the region around here. It may not be the best thing for a man my age to be doing, but I mow the lawn with my shirt off. Hey, I used to be fit. That should at least count for something. I like the feel of the sun on my skin. I like that warmth that permeates right on down to my bones. The problem is the sun damage. I got a little concerned over some skin marks and telephoned a dermatologist in Manchester to have a doc have a look at them.

My wife noticed one on my back. I had her take a picture with my mobile phone so I could zoom in on it. It was a little bit of a ragged red bump like the one on my stomach area. Plus, I had a piece of skin growing outward. People call them skin tags, but I had never had anything like this when I was younger. I actually was quite a bit anxious about my doctor visit. Continue reading

Help Ease Lower Back Pain Through Massage Therapy

When you feel tired, get a massage therapy and relieve all the stress, muscular tension and body ache. It is one of the effective ways to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Massage has been used as a therapy since ancient times and today it has acquired a professional look, even pain centers like will recommend it. Now there are massage specialists who know where to put pressure and where to massage gently. With this therapy, one can tone up his body and set all the muscles in order. It also helps improve the blood flow and maintain a static blood pressure. With regular massage, you can even shed extra fat from around your waist, thighs, arms and neck. Continue reading

Wonder How Logical Something Like This Is?

I got to thinking about whether or not this sort of thing would work because I know that there are lawsuits about side effects from drugs causing large breasts in young men and boys. Of course the drug is designed to prevent psychotic episodes and schizophrenia, or I guess the proper term is that you use it to treat those sorts of psychological disorders. At any rate it got me to thinking about how something like might possibly work. It is not something which seems all that likely, but if you can give a guy a drug which causes him to inadvertently developed large breasts, then it seems like you could probably figure out how to do to a woman on purpose. It does seem like you could probably have a great deal of profit if you actually found something that worked. Continue reading