My First Experience with a Chiropractor

I told my wife I was going to paint our house. Last time we hired professionals. This time I wanted to save, so I scraped and prepped for days. Then I went and painted the entire house in a primer to even out the paint job. Next step was the top coat. I used a brush and a roller. The brush was used the most. By the end of my project, my back was on fire every day. My shoulder hurt something awful from all the repetitive movements of painting. I went to see a chiropractor in Sacramento

I did not actually think the chiropractor would be able to help me. However, after just one visit, I felt like a new person. I had went from an office manager job to toting ladders and scraping, priming and painting my house. I bit off a bit more than I could chew, but I did get the job done. It took me about five times as long as a professional painter, but I saved a fortune in labor costs for painting our house.

It actually turned out great. The paint looks so good because of all the prep work I did. I did not take any shortcuts. I like having saved the money that we did, and I am actually really happy that the job turned out as good as it did. However, I am not happy on how quickly my back started to hurt something awful. My right side burned and ached terribly up at my shoulder. If I am going to take on any more large projects around the house like this one, I need to build up some muscles and stamina first. I was only able to hang in there and finish the job because I did not want to hear an “I told you so.

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