Living Free Without Back Pain

With the kind of work that many Americans are employed to do, it’s not surprising that the number of San Jose Chiropractor s have increased rapidly recently. This is in part thanks to their continued improving reputation which suffered in the ’90’s in part due to numerous misconceptions regarding their profession. Some dangers are inherent within some of the treatments they perform but with more strict guidelines required to follow and less lenient licensing standards, the profession has come quite a long way. I admit to having concerns when I first stepped through the doors of my chiropractor’s practice but having my doctor suggest the visit, I felt that a certain amount of trust was required. I work in a typical blue collar office space which has me sitting down for hours at a time with little chance to get up and walk around. Over the years this has put unnatural stress on my spine leading to severe lower back pain.

Needless to say, it’s unpleasant. There were night’s when I would wake up from a dead sleep with shooting pains coursing up and down my spine. When I approach my doctor about the pain she was hesitant, and rightly so, to supply me with any sort of narcotic pain killer. She suggested a visit to the chiropractor and prescribed me a NaSaid. Those visits taught me a lot about the mechanics of my body. A chiropractor visit is one half physical therapy and one half treatments designed to help remove that stress through various techniques. I won’t deny that some of those techniques can be painful but after a regular visits I’ve already experienced a relieving diminishment of that once constant pain that plagued me. It’s almost strange to go through my day without the constant reminder of being in pain.

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