I Woke Up with My Back Stiffened Up

Isabelle and I had a really great weekend. On Saturday we went biking and had a picnic in the park, then we went out to see a movie and we had a late dinner at this great Mexican restaurant. On Sunday we got up early so that we could get a parking place in Echo Canyon. Of course you have to get there before the parking lot fills up and they lock you out. We went hiking and I ended up having to see a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ, although I felt fine until I tried to get out of bed on Monday morning. We had a great hike, although at one point in the climb up the mountain I did sleep and I must have twisted my back out of shape when I scrambled to avoid going over a ledge. I did not think anything of it at the time. I got pretty excited for an instant, because there was a real danger of serious injury or even dying from really bad luck.

At any rate we hiked the trail and then we came home and had a nice relaxing night in front of the TV. We sent out for lasagna from this great pizza place that has a terrific deal on enough lasagna for about four people. I made garlic bread from hoagie buns and Izzie made us a great chef’s salad. I ate way too much and we drank a bottle of red wine. At any rate the next morning I could not hardly move when I tried to get out of bed. This was not the first time for me though and I knew just what I needed to do about it. I got my chiropractor to schedule me for 4 in the afternoon and I managed to get through my day until he could fix it.

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