I Had to Change to Manage My Herpes

Herpes Cause | Official Herpes Treatment GuideI have always been very healthy, which is the main reason I was surprised to discover that I have herpes. My doctor told me that it was my strong immune system that kept me from knowing that I have it, and it wasn’t until I got sick with the flu that it was discovered. Though he told me there was no cure for it, I still went home and did a search for herpes cure 2013. I just could not accept that there was something wrong with me that could not be fixed.

My doctor told me that I could manage it so it would not affect me in most areas of my life, but he did say that changes would have to be made as well. I read enough about herpes to understand that too. I read about how painful it can be for some people, and I knew that I wanted to keep the outbreaks from happening however I could.

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