I Finally Got Back on the Job

I have finally got back on the job after about eight weeks. At first I could not do anything, they would not let me leave the hospital for a week and they were really annoying me there too. They had this alarm on the floor that would go off when I got out of bed, and they would fuss at me when I got up to use the bathroom. I spent that time in the hospital and after I was going to doctors and physical therapists and a chiropractor in Cumming GA who had to get my back lined up with the way it is supposed to. I was on crutches for close to a month and I still have a little trouble when I want to go up the stairs to my apartment. That is a real ordeal if my left knee does not want to act the right way. The physical therapist says I have to keep doing the exercises and hope it gets more stable.

At any rate I was completely in a box when this happened to me. I was minding my own business, running an errand for my boss. He let me out of work a little early so that I could get it done before the traffic got too bad. I drove about five blocks from the plant and I was waiting to turn left when I heard all of these sirens coming up behind. They were chasing this fool and he drove straight into the rear end of my car at about seventy miles an hour. That pushed me out into the intersection and the front end of my car was hit by a delivery truck. I went spinning into another car, but by this time I was out of the game and I didn’t wake up until the paramedics were strapping me down.

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