I Feel Better and Stronger

I know people go to chiropractors for all kinds of reasons. I researched my own Redding chiropractor before making an appointment there, so I was well familiar with everything that a chiropractor can do. I knew that a person playing sports and is injured will likely see a chiropractor to help speed up the healing time. I knew that pregnant women often seek out chiropractic care to help adapt to their ever changing bodies. I know that people in auto accidents especially see chiropractors because of back injuries and sore necks from whiplash.

There are even more reasons than those to see a chiropractor, but I went for a completely different reason. When my chiropractor asked me why I was there, it was because my back hurt! I had been lifting some heavy boxes a few days prior to my sitting in his office, and I knew right when something went wrong. I could hear something, but I also felt something go wrong. I knew I needed to see a doctor because I wanted to make sure that everything was okay and I also wanted to know how long it would take to recover from this.

My chiropractor was very helpful in answering all of my questions. He explained that even with sudden injuries like mine, there is often many months or years of misalignment in my back. I had never had an adjustment done before, so it was more like decades in my case. He did his first adjustment on me that day, and he suggested I come back at least once or twice a week to get further adjustments. He explained why this was optimal for my healing, and he was right about all of it. I feel so much better now, and I actually feel stronger than what I did before too.

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