Horseback Ride Sends Me to My Chiropractor in Oceanside

I would go up the stairs and make noise. I would make noise lifting something, and even when I got up off the couch or out of a chair. My wife said my vocabulary consisted of, “Oww,” “Ouch,” “Oh,” and a word she said she could not decipher. It was sort of a Charlie Brown, “Aaauuugh!” Those were my backache noises that were getting a lot more use since we went horseback riding a few days ago. I must have done something to my back, because it was not getting better. So, I went to see a chiropractor in Oceanside.

After an exam that did not reveal any injuries, it was determined that I probably strained some muscles and knocked my spine out of alignment enough to aggravate some nerves. I had some sciatic pain shooting down my leg along with a lower backache. I got some heat therapy that felt really good. Then they hooked those electrodes to my back to give me the muscle stimulation therapy. It feels like a buzzing in the muscles where they stick the electrodes on. It does not hurt, and it actually feels so much better after it is completed.

The spinal manipulation done by the chiropractor in Oceanside relieved me of that burning and tingling sciatic pain. that was really getting on my nerves. Pun intended! I could not stand to feel that pain shooting down my leg and into my big toe. No pain pills would help with that either. The spinal adjustment did. I just needed the things I knocked out of whack while riding the horse to be put back into their proper alignment to get rid of the pain. I should have went to the chiropractor the same day we went horseback riding instead of waiting as long as I did.

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