Frozen Shoulder Needed Therapy Including Chiropractic to Fix the Additional Damage to My Spine

My shoulder started aching a few years ago. It went along for a long time with a pain that would not completely go away. I did not have insurance to get it checked out. When I got insurance, no one could figure out what the problem was. It finally reached a point that I could barely move my arm. One medical professional suggested it was diabetic frozen shoulder. I lost my job and did my own therapy at home as I was uninsured again. It resolved after two years, but I went to a chiropractor in Pleasanton to help me with the residual problems I was having with my neck and back after favoring that arm for so long.

The pain I had when it was at its peak is indescribable. If I had a reflex reaction to grab something or pull my arm away quickly, I would double over in pain. You might have heard of the condition as adhesive capsulitis. It is awfully painful. In fact, it is excruciating. I could not lay on my right side for about a year. The lack of use caused muscle loss and a problem with nerve impingement with my back and neck for favoring that one side for so long. The deep muscle massage from the electrical stim wand the chiropractor in Pleasanton used really helped me. The manipulations helped to break up the muscle fibers that were stuck together like glue.

I ended up getting almost all of my range of motion I had before back after all my treatments. I have even regained some muscle mass. I cannot work the same job I had, but I am also five years older now. The one part I did not mention was that I had it happen to my other arm after the left side healed up. I went through another two years of pain, but it was milder on that side. The chiropractor did not have to work on that side as much as he did my left.

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