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My Coworker is the Person Who Told Me Who Could Help Me

One of the ladies that I have lunch with daily told me about her chiropractor in Round Rock TX that she has been going to for a number of years. She said that he helps her in ways that many different doctors could not handle at our local doctor’s clinic. Surprised, I told her that I had been running into the same problem with the two doctors that I was seeing on a regular basis for my own back problems. She gave me the business card for the guy that she goes to and told me to give him a try. The back of the card said that I should bring it in for a 50 percent discount off of my first visit, so I figured it would be something that would be worth a try.

I had been seeing two different doctors for many years, and neither of them could really give me a definitive answer as to what was going on with my back. Both doctors would ask a lot of questions so that they could try to come up with some sort of diagnosis, but neither of them could really give me any actual physical help, much less a good diagnosis. Both of them told me that sometimes these things just happen and there’s nothing you could do about it. This is what I was telling my coworker that day at lunch.

I saw signs of great improvement after just my second visit with my new chiropractor. What was a pleasant surprise is that he was able to accomplish this without giving me any prescription drugs at all. This is not something that my two doctors were able to do. I was pleased to tell my friend at work just how grateful I am for the advice that she gave me because it has allowed me to get some real help finally.