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You Ready to Start Your Journey Toward Spinal Wellness?

I would see my neighbor every morning walk out onto her porch to get the newspaper and have trouble picking it up from the floor of her porch. She would hold her back at her hip and slowly bend and then slowly straighten up getting that paper. I started going over before she got up and putting the paper up on the railing. She caught me doing it one day and thanked me. She asked me if I had noticed her slowness in the mornings. I told her that I used to be the same way until a Turlock chiropractor helped me regain my ability to move better.

I was constantly restricted by various aches and pains that centered around issues with my spinal column. I hurt from my neck down to my feet when my back acted up. I had upper back pain that was worse than my lower back pain on average. However, there were mornings that I could hardly walk up the stairs to my office with a cup of coffee as it hurt bad in my hips. When the sciatic pain acted up, it burned like fire down my right leg all the way to my big toe. The chronic issue was in my upper back. It would hurt in my shoulder just at the tip of the scapula like a toothache. Continue reading